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Notice 68

2015-02-28 08:12:17 by DepresiveNeko


Notice 67

2014-04-06 14:07:24 by DepresiveNeko

Im still here, my non-existencial friend. My world colapses, but i am still alive :)



Happy Post-Valentine Day

2014-02-15 07:13:42 by DepresiveNeko

... and that all, folks!

Happy Crimbo

2013-12-24 10:45:43 by DepresiveNeko


Happy Christmas Day for all of gamers in Newgrounds :)

Happy Halloween

2013-11-01 14:25:05 by DepresiveNeko

im late, im know
working over all holy night...
i miss this spooky fun, im soo sad

Notice 66

2013-10-11 10:26:10 by DepresiveNeko

Psychic heal is realy important in this world.
That stress, weird and chaotic weather, bullying of weak, disease and world catastrophe.
Is here, somewhere a little oase of mind peace?
Or is here only crazy world full of darkness?

Notice 66

Notice 65

2013-09-22 14:51:55 by DepresiveNeko

now, when is that madness day, i have realy melancholic mood...
i have felling, that some balad will be realy nice to heart, so what you think, mine few fans?
why one will be nice too chose?

hm, i think, is realy great playlist :))

Notice 65

Lucky day today!

2013-09-13 14:22:00 by DepresiveNeko

It's Friday the 13th! Don't throw a black cat underneath a ladder into a mirror, or we'll have six more weeks of winter!

Notice 65

2013-09-07 10:59:50 by DepresiveNeko

I realy love rabbit!

Notice 65

Happy CD 2013

2013-08-15 14:48:52 by DepresiveNeko

Aw.. i almost miss clock day!
so happy all time clock time!